Kettle Process Soaps

Glycerin Bar Soaps
van der Hagen Floral Bar Soap
Floral Bar Soap
The purity of the ingredients and the bars superior rinsability, produce a hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) soap that leaves skin feeling soft & smooth.
van der Hagen Unscented Bar Soap
Unscented Bar Soap
The kettle process is a unique manufacturing method re-discovered by the van der Hagen family that combines an old fashioned technique with modern ultra pure ingredients.
van der Hagen Fresh Bar Soap
Fresh Bar Soap
The new van der Hagen glycerin bar soap is made with a unique and innovative process that will add incredible excitement and sales to a once flat section with modern ultra pure ingredients.
van der Hagen Fruity Bar Soap
Fruity Bar Soap
Once the consumer tries the soap, they will quickly realize that this bar not only looks different, it outperforms any product on the market - bar or liquid - available today!